Concept पढ़ाएँगे, Sabko सिखाएँगे

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Ashwini Sir has explained the Computer Languages to make you understand effortlessly.

Here, Amit Sir has explained Inflation-Indexed Bond in a very easy way to understand.

Tushar Sir has explained Important Banking Terms to make you understand effortlessly.

Ashwini Sir has explained the Operating System to make you understand effortlessly.

Here, Amit Sir has explained Inflation in a very easy way to understand.

Concept पढ़ाएँगे, Sabko सिखाएँगे

A few weeks ago, during an interaction with a student, our faculty members and mentors at ixamBee had an epiphany. The aspirant shared with us how he only attempted 5 questions that he was absolutely sure about for the Phase 1 Quantitative Aptitude paper and got them ALL CORRECT! What is more, he even cleared the Prelims exam using this tactic.

From one perspective, this trick might sound a tad bit risky. However, he has proven that with confidence and calculated tactics, you can prepare smarter and 50% faster for your competitive exams. In line with this thought, our mentors came to a realization that often while preparing for government job exams, aspirants prepare for all subjects without trying to clear the basics, i.e., concepts.

If you are completely clear about your concepts, you will find it manifold easy to answer ANY question that may be asked based upon that concept. This has given birth to the Concept पढ़ाएँगे, Sabko सिखाएँगे campaign that will be brought to you by subject experts at ixamBee!

What is Concept पढ़ाएँगे, Sabko सिखाएँगे?

Through our YouTube channels, our subject experts and faculty members will come online and talk about specific core concepts that will help you in government job exam preparation. These concepts will range from a variety of subjects such as English Language, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and such that are generally tested in most competitive exams. However, this is not to say that these are the only subjects that will be covered through this novel mode of learning and teaching. You will also find concepts explained from subjects like Agriculture, Law, ESI, ARD and more that will help you with exam-specific preparation as well. Please watch the video below to better understand what is the Concept पढ़ाएँगे, Sabko सिखाएँगे Campaign newly launched by ixamBee!

How is Concept पढ़ाएँगे, Sabko सिखाएँगे Useful?

As already clarified, if your concepts are clear, that is half the battle won for your competitive exam preparation. However, there are other benefits as well! Such as;

  • The Concept पढ़ाएँगे, Sabko सिखाएँगे videos are available completely for free on YouTube.

  • Concepts will be clearly explained on a variety of subjects and topics from all subjects that are important for competitive exams such as RBI, NABARD and SEBI and Bank PO, Bank Clerk, and Bank SO Exams like IBPS PO, SBI PO, IBPS AFO and other Bank PO & Clerk Exams.

  • The videos for relevant subjects will be available through the following four dedicated YouTube Channels.

    So, if you are preparing for one specific stream exam, you can follow the channel to find the content most relevant and helpful for YOU!

  • You can get your doubts clarified in real-time. All you need to do is drop a comment in the chatbox while a particular Concept पढ़ाएँगे, Sabko सिखाएँगे video is being streamed and the faculty member will get back to you.

  • You can always give us your feedback about some concepts that you would like to get clarified. So, please let us know how we can help you prepare better and 50% faster!


Q: What is Concept पढ़ाएँगे, Sabko सिखाएँगे?

A: Concept पढ़ाएँगे, Sabko सिखाएँगे is a novel teaching campaign that has been launched by ixamBee through YouTube. In this series, experts from relevant subjects and fields will make concept-clarification videos on many topics and sub-topics that are very important for aspirants to understand clearly if they wish to clear a government exam.

Q: Which subjects are covered under Concept पढ़ाएँगे, Sabko सिखाएँगे?

A: Essentially, all exam subjects will be covered under the Concept पढ़ाएँगे, Sabko सिखाएँगे campaign. Common subjects like English, Quant and Reasoning will be covered on the main ixamBee YouTube Channel. However, you will need to refer to the dedicated channel for stream-specific subjects. The list of channels has been provided above.

Q: Is any sign-up required for Concept पढ़ाएँगे, Sabko सिखाएँगे?

A: No, you just need to watch the live stream for on our YouTube channels if you want to clarify the concept being discussed that day. No registration or sign-up is required. The videos will be freely available for all. In case you miss the live stream, you can always watch the video later but you may not be able to get your doubts clarified as quickly as in a live stream where the faculty responds to all questions online.

Q: Where can I get Concept पढ़ाएँगे, Sabko सिखाएँगे videos?

A: You can find the Concept पढ़ाएँगे, Sabko सिखाएँगे videos on our YouTube channels. You can refer to the following channels depending on the exams that you are preparing for in order to make the most out of them.

Q: Can I suggest concepts that I need clarification on?

A: Yes! Absolutely! We recommend that you drop a comment under a subject-related video and our experts will certainly get back to you with a concept clarification video.