Each question given below contains two conclusions followed by different sets of statements. Find from which of the set of statements, both the given conclusions follow.


    I.Some refill may be pen.

    II.All pen being glitter is a Possibility.

    A Some refill are Glitter. Some Glitter are Pens. All Pens are Pencils. No Refill is Pencils. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    B All Refill Are Glitter. Some Refill are Pencils. No Pencil is Pen. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    C No Pen is Refill. All Refill are Pencils. Some Pencils are Glitter Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    D All Refill are Glitter. No Pens is Glitter. Some Refill is Pencils Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


    From option 2, Some Refill are Pencils(I) + No Pencil is Pen(E) Some Refill are not pen(O) Probable conclusion Some refill may be pen(I). Hence conclusion I follows. Some Refill are Pencils(I) Conversion Some Pencils are Refill(I) + [All Refill Are Glitter] I.I Some refill are glitter(I) Probable conclusion All pen may be glitter(A). Hence conclusion II follows.

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