Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions: Six students P, Q, R, S, T and U went to take the practical test for different subjects. They were seated in a linear fashion facing the north. They paid different amounts Rs. 150, Rs. 250, Rs. 350, Rs. 450, Rs. 550 and Rs. 650 as practical fee but not necessarily in the same order. Their subjects were Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Computer and Botany not necessarily in the same order. The arrangement was based on the following rules: (i) One who appeared for Computer test paid Rs. 150 as fee. (ii) U is seated at one of the ends and his subject was Zoology. (iii) P, who appeared for Biology test was seated to the immediate left of T. (iv)Immediate neighbours of S paid Rs. 350 and Rs. 550. (v) There was a gap of three people between the one who appeared for Biology test and the one who paid Rs. 550 as fee. (vi) Neither R nor T was a neighbour of S. (vii) There was a gap of two seats between P and S. (viii) One who appeared for Physics test was 3rd to the left of the one who paid Rs. 350. (ix) S did not pay the least amount as fee. (x) One who appeared for Botany paid the maximum amount. (xi) R paid more than P as fee.

If Q interchange its position with the person who paid Rs. 250, then what is the new position of Q from the right end?

A fifth Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B second Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C sixth Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D fourth Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


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