Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

In a certain language ’which have strong legs’, is written as ‘d@f15 s#y12’ h@q18 o@j12, then what does ‘modern house’ represent?

A s&u15 n#v18 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B n#u18s&v15 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C s&v18 n#u15 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D s#v15 n@u18 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Here the code contains 2 letters, one symbol and a number. First letter represents an opposite letter of the first letter of the word. Then, symbol represents no. of vowels (if no. of vowels is 1, then code @, if it is 2, then code #, if it is 3, then code & and if it is 4, then code $). Next letter represents a second last letter of the word + 3. Last number represents no. of letters in the word multiplied by 3. In the word ‘modern’ M → opposite letter of m is n. No. of vowels → 2 → # Second last letter → r + 3 → u No. of the letters in the word → 6 × 3 → 18 Code for ‘modern’ is n#u18. In the word ‘house’ h → opposite letter of h → s No. of vowels → 3 → & Second last letter → s + 3 → v No. of the letters in the word → 5 × 3 → 15 Code for ‘house’ is s&v15.

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