Study the information below and answer the following questions:– In a certain code language,  ‘ elections reservations policies destiny’ is written as “14 ^V    30 *H    24 @O    11 #H ” ‘ structures violence matters patronage’  is written as “29 !I   30 @L    20 #G   25 ^G ” ‘ column conceived descended point’  is written as “9 $O   12 ^M   13 ^H   21 &R ” ‘ upper century society disconnect’ is written as “26 &K   10 #M    26 #X   14 !H ” 

If ‘the last’ is coded as ‘23~V  16%H’, ‘dead smuggling’ is coded as ‘8%Z  28 ^F’, then ‘drop of surge’ may represent which of the following code?

A 21%Q 12+W 5&P Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B 16%S 5+N 42&Y Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C 8%L 16+U 27&I Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Cannot be determined Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Letter = reverse of last letter + 3                                    Number = sum of 2nd letters from left and right in a word                 Symbol = Number of letters    If no. of letters is even then = & If no. of letters is odd then = $   (for satisfying letter condition we don’t have three letter word in ‘of’ hence we can’t find out the code for ‘of’.)

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