Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions. (i)There is a family of seven persons representing three generations. (ii) There are two married couples. Both the wives are housewives and both have only two children. (iii) Suresh, the professor, is the father of Ajay and has two grandchildren. (iv) Monica, the clerk, is the sister of the Manager. (v) Mansi’s daughter-in-law Rekha is married to a Manager. (vi) Nisha, the granddaughter of one of the housewives, is studying in the 11 thstandard.

Which of the following statements is true?

A The manager is the father in law of Rekha. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Mansi has one sister – in – law. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C The clerk is the son of Suresh Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Monica is the daughter of Mansi. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


The correct answer is D

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