A paragraph has been provided. From the options given below, choose the sentence that continues the paragraph in the most appropriate way.

In the developing countries, over the past decade, the rate of enrolment and investment in higher education has grown and the demand side pressures will result in expanding the domain further in the future. However, the degree to which different countries allow private investment varies considerably across the globe. During the last few years, countries like India, China and Saudi Arabia have been investing heavily in public higher education system, while simultaneously enhancing the role of private higher education. What is your take on the argument that private return to higher education and private growth of higher education are interrelated? There are many economic and social reasons behind the growth of private higher education.

A It should be noted that private rate of return to higher education is also true of public institutions where students do not pay much compared to their private sector counterparts Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B But to a large extent, issues related to erosion of values from the realm of education is a general trend in higher education and it is not just concerned with private growth alone. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C But it is true in country after country that those who get higher education are better employed than those who do not get higher education. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Studies continue to show that private rate of return on higher education is positive even as stories increase about people who go to higher education do not get jobs or get only bad jobs. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E There has been much discussion in recent years over the issue of social responsibility and the role of higher educational institutions — from questions related to erosion of values from the realm of education to the role of higher education in the creation of a humane society. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


The correct answer is D

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