In an IPL match between Mumbai and Pune, held at Scheduled time at 8:00 pm in Wankhede stadium with seating capacity of 50,000. 10% of the seats were found empty at the 8:00pm. There were 100/3 % supporters of Pune among the spectators. The match was delayed due to rain and the official announcement was made saying that the match will start at 10:00pm. After this announcement,2/5thof the people in the crowd left out of which half were the supporters of Mumbai. 30% of those left, came back again at 10:00pm and they all were the supporters of Mumbai Indians. Also at 10:00pm some new persons arrived to watch the match due to which the total number of the supporters of Pune was increased to 9,600 and finally the ratio between the Mumbai and Pune supporters is 10:3 in the stadium.

Supporters of Pune in the crowd finally is approximately how much percent less or more than the number of Pune supporters who left after the match was delayed due to rains?

A 5% Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B 8% Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C 7% Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D 11% Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


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