In each of the following questions, a question and some statements are given. You have to decide whether the date given in the statements is sufficient to answer the question or not.

Rohit, Dhawan, Virat, Dhoni and Mayank are five friends. Their mean age is 28. What is the age of Virat?

Statement I : Rohit’s age is 28

Statement II : Dhawan’s age is 6 years less than Mayank and Mayank’s age is 10 years less than Dhoni.

Statement III : Virat’s age is 12 years more than Dhawan’s age and 6 years more than Mayank’s age.

A Only III Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Neither I and II nor III Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Only I and III Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D All statements together Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E Either I and III or II alone Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Rohit + Dhawan+ Virat + Dhoni + Mayank= 28 × 5 = 140 From statement I: Dhawan+ Virat + Dhoni + Mayank= 112 From statement II: Dhawan = Mayank – 6 and Mayank = Dhoni – 10 so, Dhoni = Mayank + 10 From statement III: Virat = Dhawan + 12 and Mayank + 6 ;Combining all three statements, we get the age of Virat.

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