The following questions are accompanied by three statement A, B and C. you have to determine which statement (s) is /are necessary/ sufficient to answer the question.

In how many days 6 girls and 4 boys together can complete a work?

A. 18 girls together can complete a work in 10 days.

B. 10 boys can complete three-fourth of the work in 6 days.

C. 72 girls and 48 boys together can complete the work in 1 day.

A Only A and B together Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Only C Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Either A and B together or C alone Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Any two of them Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E All statements are required Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


From (A), 18 girls can do the work in 10 days. So, 6 girls can do it in [if gte msEquation 12]> 18 ×10 6 [if !msEquation]-->[endif]-->`(18 x 10)/(6)` = 30 days. From (B), 10 boys can complete tree-fourth of the work in 6 days. Therefore, 10 boys can do the entire work in 6 x`(4)/(3)` = 8 days. So, 4 boys can do it in `(10 x 8)/(4)` [if gte msEquation 12]> 10 ×8 4 [if !msEquation]-->[endif]-->= 20 days. By combining (i) and (ii): Required no. of days = `(30 x 20)/(50)` [if gte msEquation 12]> 30 ×20 50 [if !msEquation]-->[endif]-->= 12 days C. (72G + 48 B) =1 12(6G + 4 B) = 1 6g + 4 B = 12 days Hence, either A and B together or C alone is sufficient to answer the question.

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