The brand manager of Nikon's newest camera product has decided to create a video for an advertising campaign to be presented to a narrow, sophisticated target market on one of the social networks. The best social network to reach his target audience of professional photographers is

A YouTube. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B LinkedIn Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Facebook Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Vimeo Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Alternative "d" is the correct answer because Vimeo is a specialized video site that focuses on artistic videos that might attract the target audience for Nikon's new product. Alternative "a" is incorrect. Although YouTube also focuses on videos, it features a wide range of videos on various subjects that appeal to broad audiences. Alternative "b" is incorrect because the purpose of LinkedIn is to enable business professionals to network with each other, not to advertise products. Alternative "c" is incorrect because Facebook users have a broad range of interests and many would not be in Nikon's narrow target market.

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