A mortgagor has right to inspect any document of title in the custody or power of mortgagee ________.

A till the right to redemption subsists. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B till mortgage begins. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C after subrogation. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D till redemption except in case of mortgage by deposition of title deeds. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


As per Transfer of Property Act. S.60B. Right to inspection and production of documents.—A mortgagor, as long as his right of redemption subsists, shall be entitled at all reasonable times, at his request and at his own cost, and on payment of the mortgagee’s costs and expenses in this behalf, to inspect and make copies or abstracts of, or extracts from, documents of title relating to the mortgaged property which are in the custody or power of the mortgagee.

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