Which Country is ranked first in Social Progress Index 2017?

    A Denmark Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    B Finland Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    C Iceland Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    D USA Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    E Switzerland Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


    The Social Progress Index measures the extent to which countries provide for the social and environmental needs of their citizens. Fifty-four indicators in the areas of basic human needs, foundations of well-being, and opportunity to progress show the relative performance of nations. The index is published by the non-profit Social Progress Imperative, and is based on the writings of Amartya Sen, Douglass North, and Joseph Stiglitz. The SPI measures the well-being of a society by observing social and environmental outcomes directly rather than the economic factors. The social and environmental factors include wellness (including health, shelter and sanitation), equality, inclusion, sustainability and personal freedom and safety. The 2017 Ranking of SPI has Denmark at top, followed by Finland and Iceland. India has a rank of 93.

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