Which of the following is incorrect with respect to child labour?

A There is complete legal prohibition on child labour in India. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B majority of child labour Is employed in agriculture. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C adolescents aged 14-18 years can work in hazardous occupations. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D India has largest number of child labour in the world. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


• Recent Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment (CLPRA) Bill 2012 proposed complete ban on child labour for the first time. It also prohibits employment of 14-18 year old in hazards activities. But it has not been passed yet. Thus option (a) is incorrect but option (c) is correct. • 60% of child labour is employed in agriculture. • India has largest number of child labour. • So option B and D are correct. • So option A is final answer.