Consider the following Statements regarding the working of Federal & Unitary System of Indian Political System. Which one of them is incorrect ?

A Dual Polity i.e. Union at Centre & States at the periphery( regional & local level) represent a Federal system in India. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Power to initiate an amendment to the Constitution lies only with the Centre is a testimony to the fact that India has a Strong Centre. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Rigid Constitution makes way for both Centre & State Govt. to amend those provisions which are concerned with the federal structure. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D There is single constitution for the Centre & all the States in India Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


• Statement D is incorrect because except J&K which has a separate Constitution under Article 370, all the States & Centre are guided by Single Constitution. • Federal Features of Indian Constitution includes- Dual Polity, Written Constitution, Division of Powers, Supremacy of the Constitution, Rigid Constitution, Bicameralism & Independent Judiciary. • Unitary Features In Indian Constitution includes- Strong Centre, States have no right to secede, Integrated Judiciary, All India Services, Single Citizenship, etc.