As per Herzberg’s theory, which of the following may be regarded as hygiene/ maintenance factors? 

A Office ambience Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B HR Policy Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Job security Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Salary Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E All of the above Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Herzberg’s Two-factor theory distinguishes between: Motivators (e.g. challenging work, recognition for one's achievement, responsibility, opportunity to do something meaningful, involvement in decision making, sense of importance to an organization) that give positive satisfaction, arising from intrinsic conditions of the job itself, such as recognition, achievement, or personal growth,  and Hygiene factors (e.g. status, job security, salary, fringe benefits, work conditions, good pay, paid insurance, vacations) that do not give positive satisfaction or lead to higher motivation, though dissatisfaction results from their absence. The term "hygiene" is used in the sense that these are maintenance factors.