Which of the following is a correct statement about both the Mughal and Ottoman empires in the sixteenth century?

A Both of these empires had powerful navies that engaged European navies. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Both of these empires expanded through the use of gunpowder weapons and extensive bureaucracies. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Both of these empires gave little monetary support to artistic and cultural endeavors. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D In both of these empires the majority of the people were Muslims. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


The Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Empires are called the Gunpowder Empires because they had strong military powers that utilized gunpowder and innovative artillery. That successfully helped them to expand and protect their territory. • The Gunpowder Empires were significant due to their impact on the trade and military. Due to their power, these empires controlled the important region of Eurasia that oversaw trade between Europe and Asia.

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