Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:

List I                                       List II

(Term)                                  (Explanation)

A. Closure                          1. Permanent closing down of a place of employment

B. Workmen                       2. Any person employed in any industry to do skilled, unskilled or annual work

C. Strike                             3. Temporary closing down of workplace by the management

D. Lockout'                        4. Cessation of work by employees

A a Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B b Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C c Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D d Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


“lock out” refers to a work stoppage that is initiated by an employer as a response to a labor dispute. It involves the employer preventing employees from entering the workplace and performing their jobs. Lockouts are often used as a bargaining tactic to pressure workers to accept the employer’s terms in contract negotiations or other disputes.

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