• Question

      Which of the pairs given above is/are correctly matched?
      Conference : Objective

      A Saving the Ozone Layer conference : First global conference related to the Ozone layer Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      B Helsinki conference : Revision of Montreal protocol Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      C Vienna conference : Total ban on Ozone depleting CFCs Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      D All of these. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


      The Vienna conference was the first global conference on the depletion of the ozone layer, held in Vienna, Austria in 1985. At this conference, Vienna convention for the protection of the Ozone layer was agreed. Montreal protocol was a landmark convention where major steps were charted-out to be taken, to reduce CFC production. The Saving the Ozone Layer Conference was an international meet, which was organised to draw attention to the global problem created by the developed world, which was trying to dictate its terms to the developing countries for CFCs pollution. It stressed upon the final withdrawal of all Ozone depleting CFCs and other chemicals. The Helsinki conference was held in 1989, to revise the Montreal Protocol. As many as 80 countries agreed to have a total ban by 2000 on chemicals that cause ozone depletion. The agreement for CFC elimination is a major step towards environmental protection.

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