Which Indian state recently passed the Right to Health (RTH) Bill, and what does the bill entail?

A Maharashtra, costless access to hospitals Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Rajasthan, costless medical services Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Gujarat, free emergency transport Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Uttar Pradesh, free medical diagnosis Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E Tamil Nadu, free doctor consultation Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Rajasthan became the first state in India to pass a Right to Health in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. Every resident will be able to avail of accessible Out Patient Department (OPD) and In-Patient Department (IPD) services at all hospitals or public healthcare facilities. An Outline of RTH Bill-2022 According to the release of the RTH Bill (Right to Health), costless medical services are to be given to city dwellers. These healthcare facilities include free drugs or medicines, doctor consultation, medical diagnosis, emergency transport, procedure or operations and emergency care. About Rajasthan Capital: Jaipur               Chief Minister: Ashok Gehlot       Governor: Kalraj Mishra

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