Which of the following principle of HRD, the top management defining the distribution of authorities and responsibilities to the subordinates so that a cohesive and congenial environment could be developed in an organisation?

A Maximisation of employee potential Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Delegation Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Annual evaluation Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Absoluteness of responsibility Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None of the above Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


The process of delegation enables a person to assign work task to his subordinate and give them necessary authority to accomplish it successfully. Some of the principles of delegation are:- · Principle of Unity of Command · Principle of Parity of Authority and Responsibility · Principle of Absoluteness of Responsibility · Principle of Delegation by Results · Principle of Limitations of Authority · Principle of Effective Communication · Principle of Proper Motivation · Principle of Clear Chain of Command · Principle of Competence · Delegation should be Need Based Discussed in live classes many times

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