Under which of the following types of barriers to the effective communication can anger, frustration, pride etc. be categorized?

A Emotional Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Psychological Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Perceptual Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Physiological Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E Interpersonal Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


An emotional barrier is a mental limitation that prevents you from openly communicating your thoughts and feelings. It has the potential of preventing you from being your authentic self as it affects your emotions and feelings . E xamples of emotional barriers that prevent individuals from effective communication include: ·       Anger  - Anger can affect the way your brain processes information given to you. For example, angry people have difficulty processing logical statements, limiting their ability to accept explanations and solutions offered by others ·       Pride -  The need to be right all the time will not only annoy others, it can shut down effective communication. For example, you might focus only on your perspective, or you might come up with ways to shoot down other people before you even listen to their points. ·       Anxiousness -  Anxiety has a negative impact on the part of your brain that manages creativity and communication skills. For example, your constant worries can hinder your ability to concentrate on the information you are giving or receiving. Emotional barriers are a type of psychological barrier. Other psychological barrier include poor retention, premature evaluation, distrust, resistance to change, etc.

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