Directions :Four sentences are given in the options. Out of these four sentences, one may be grammatically incorrect. You have to find that sentence which is grammatically incorrect. If all the sentences are grammatically correct, mark option 5 i.e. ‘All are correct’ as your answer.

Find the appropriate answer.

A While a variety of softwoods are available, hardwoods are preferred for their durability. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Plumes of dust billowed into the crisp, clean air. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C As hills started to push up once more from the rocky wilderness, we passed solitary ‘drokbas’ tending their flocks. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D These shaggy monsters, more blacker than the darkest night, usually wore bright red collars and barked furiously with massive jaws. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E All are correct. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Remove MORE before BLACKER. BLACKER is already a comparative noun BLACKER has been used, use of MORE is not required and thus is redundant.

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