Select the option that arranges sentences B, C, D and E in a logical sequence.

Sentences A and F are static.

A. Douglas had a childhood fear of water which he tried to overcome at the pool.

B. This harrowing experience became his handicap and its memory haunted him for long.

C. But just when he was trying to feel at ease in water, he had another misadventure.

D. It ruined his fun at the fishing trips and deprived him of the joy of boating or swimming

E. A big bully tossed him into the deep pool and he almost drowned.

F. The fear of water stayed with him throughout his life.

A AECDBF Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B ACEBDF Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C ABDECF Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D ABCDEF Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


After A, C is correct. He was at the pool in A. While he was in the pool, another thing happened. And what had happened is described in E. So, it comes next. And the result of this experience is described in B. So, it comes next. And then comes D and F. So, the correct sequence is ACEBDF.

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