In the question, two paragraphs of a passage are given. Find the missing paragraph from the options given below.

1. Watching how banana chips are made is akin to watching a performance. The cook works a slicer through peeled raw bananas at top speed. Thin discs of fruit fall in rapid succession into a container below. Then, they are dropped with a flourish into a giant wok of boiling coconut oil.

2. ___________________________________________________________________________

3. For anyone who has grown up in Kerala, this is a familiar sight. The Malayali’s relationship with banana chips is unquestionable, not even potato in its fancy versions has been able to replace it. However, to appeal to a wider, and younger audience, the classic banana chips are now being reinterpreted.

A The company, which launched its banana chips in 2020, now has a manufacturing unit in Kalamassery, Kochi, and is a prominent presence on e-retail platforms delivering across the country. More flavours will be rolled out soon, such as barbecue, North Indian and sweet and sour. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Now, even traditional players are welcoming change. A1 Chips has over 11 flavours, including chilli masala, Malabar masala, salsa masala, sweet chilli, pepper, aloo tandoori and honey for a sweet touch. It is all about adapting to newer tastes. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C As an experiment, the team set up a stall at a popular consumer fair in the State and their chips were an instant hit. They had to keep getting more stock as the demand was huge. This was when they were sure that there was scope for innovation. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D As the golden-yellow chips crisp up, they are scooped out with a large perforated ladle, and tossed in the air for a microsecond before being laid out on a tray. One cannot help but marvel at the chip-maker’s skill. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E The nendran variety of bananas works the best for chips, say the brands, as cavendish varieties may be lacking in flavour. Most companies now have automated machinery that makes the chips. Even the frying time is controlled. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


The first paragraph talks about ‘banana chips’ and the process of its making. The third paragraph talks about ‘this familiar sight’, which mean that in the second paragraph also, the process of making banana chips must have been mentioned. So, option 4 is apt here. Option 1- there is no ‘company’ mentioned in the first or third paragraph. Option 2- this cannot be a ‘familiar sight’. Option 3- ‘the team’ is not mentioned in either of the paragraphs. Option 5- this is also not a ‘familiar sight’.

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