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      Directions (21-25): In each of the following sentences, there is a blank space, followed by some choices of words given in options. You have to determine which of these words fits well in all the blanks, making the sentences meaningful and grammatically correct. Word can be modified according to the tense of the sentence keeping the meaning of root word intact. If none of these words fit well, mark your answer as none of these.

      (a) The complete research theory is _________ on true facts and relevant observations.

      (b) Rehaan used to play second ________ for his high school's baseball team.

      (c) The terrorists used the desolate industrial area as a ________ for their operations.

      A basis Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      B support Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      C lead Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      D base Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


      Base - a place from which an action can be carried out or supported /one of the four places on a baseball or rounders field that a player must touch in order to score points / a setof ideasor factsfrom which something can develop .

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