In the questions below a statement is given with two blanks in it. For each blank three alternatives are provided in the columns. Choose the alternative from the corresponding column that would fit the give blanks to make the given sentence grammatically correct and contextually meaningful.

Apple stock is on __________I_________ to close out a year of explosive growth, and another key __________II__________ has reached a historic high, too.

A B-D Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B C-E Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C A-F Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D B-E Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E A-D Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Crammed-compressed Forgoing-give up Pace- a rate of activity, progress, growth, performance, etc.; tempo. Scouring-searching thoroughly Metric-measure Statuesque-tall and dignified The correct word that can fill first blank meaningfully and contextually is definitely C. The alternatives that come with C is only E. Hence, option 2 can fill the blanks both grammatically and contextually correct making option 2 the correct answer.