Five statements are given below labelled 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Among these, four statements are in a logical order and form a coherent paragraph/passage. From the given options choose the option that does not fit into the theme of the passage.

A Several decades ago, a man who came from humble beginnings, growing up in Missouri farm towns without indoor plumbing, lived an American Dream. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B To help support his family, the young man worked long hours on farms and paper routes. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C His giving attracted the attention of former President George Bush, who commended him as a “good guy” and a “generous person”. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D He put himself through college at the University of Missouri, graduated Phi Beta Kappa, and completed a master’s degree and then a Doctorate in economics. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E He pursued a life of public service, enlisting in the Navy and then serving in several important roles in the U.S government, earning the Navy Commendation Medal and National Defence Service Medal. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


In 2, the struggles of the young man have been mentioned and in 3, more details about the man have been mentioned in 4 and 5. Hence, 3 is the odd sentence.

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