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    3 Doubt Clarifying Sessions/Classes
    10 Downloadable PDFs
    10 Instructional Videos
    One Comprehensive Mock Interview Session
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    RBI Rajbhasha/ ECGC PO Rajbhasha Interview Online Course 2024

    This year, the Reserve Bank of India released 05 vacancies for the post of the RBI Grade A (Assistant Manager) post in the Rajbhasha stream. Now that the RBI Grade A written exams are over, it is time for selected candidates to focus on their RBI Rajbhasha Interview 2023. As you can see the number of vacancies is few, but the competition is very high! Thankfully, you have ixamBee to save your day! This pivotal phase holds the key to your ultimate selection as an Assistant Manager (Grade A) in RBI's Rajbhasha stream.

    Having successfully advanced to the Interview stage of the RBI Grade A recruitment, you should be fully committed to seizing the opportunity to secure the role of Assistant Manager within the RBI. Your determination to succeed will be unwavering as you leave no avenue unexplored in pursuit of your dream job. For the best preparation support, consider enrolling in the RBI Rajbhasha/ ECGC PO Rajbhasha Interview Online Course by ixamBee. Our program is designed to equip you for the RBI Rajbhasha Interview with the guidance of our expert panel, enabling you to outshine your competitors.

    RBI Rajbhasha Interview Course Consists of:

    The RBI Rajbhasha Online Course features:

    • 3 doubt-clarifying sessions/classes focusing on interview preparation tips and topics.
    • 10 downloadable PDFs containing Rajbhasha and Translation content.
    • 10 instructional videos for enhanced learning.
    • One comprehensive mock interview session accompanied by detailed feedback.

    Why Choose the RBI Rajbhasha Interview Course?

    The RBI Rajbhasha Online Course offers comprehensive support for aspirants. It features three interactive doubt sessions/classes focusing on interview preparation tips and topics, aiding in confident responses. Additionally, participants receive ten downloadable PDFs packed with Rajbhasha and Translation content, enriching their language skills. The course incorporates ten engaging videos, enhancing understanding through visual learning. To ensure readiness, a mock interview with detailed feedback is included, allowing candidates to refine their performance. With this holistic approach, the RBI Rajbhasha Online Course empowers individuals with the necessary tools to excel in interview preparation, language proficiency, and overall performance evaluation.

    Taking proactive action now is wise to secure your spot in the final list of RBI Rajbhasha recruitment. Make a strategic move by choosing ixamBee's RBI Rajbhasha/ ECGC PO Rajbhasha Interview Online Course. By enrolling, you're positioning yourself for success from this moment forward. Enroll in the course and pave the way for your future as an RBI Rajbhasha Officer.

    How is the One-on-One Mock Interview conducted?

    • These mock interviews are designed to replicate the formal setting of a real interview, allowing candidates to practice in an environment that closely resembles the actual experience.
    • A team of seasoned professionals and interview experts will lead these sessions. Their extensive experience will ensure that candidates receive accurate and insightful feedback to help them refine their interview skills.
    • The interview questions will cover various dimensions. This includes testing not only the candidate's technical knowledge but also assessing their behavior, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills.
    • After the mock interview, candidates will receive detailed feedback. This includes constructive criticism, highlighting areas of strength, and pinpointing aspects that need improvement.
    • Alongside feedback, candidates will be provided with actionable recommendations on how to enhance their performance. This will encompass suggestions for refining responses, improving body language, or addressing specific areas of weakness.

    The feedback session is a valuable learning opportunity. Candidates can engage with the experts, seek clarifications, and gain insights into effective interview strategies. Through this comprehensive process, candidates gain a deep understanding of their interview performance, identify areas that need work, and acquire the tools to refine their approach. The one-on-one mock interviews with expert feedback significantly contribute to their preparation journey.

    Please note that ixamBee will have the right to record the mock interview or part of it for promotional purposes.

    How to Enroll in the RBI Rajbhasha Interview Course?

    The process to join the RBI Rajbhasha Interview Course is as easy as it gets. Just follow the simple steps provided below:

    • Visit our website at https://www.ixambee.com/.
    • Then find your way to the “Online Course” tab.
    • Click on the “Interview” button.
    • Find the RBI Rajbhasha/ ECGC PO Rajbhasha Interview Online Course.
    • Go over the details of the page carefully and thoroughly.
    • On your right-hand side, you will find the options to take the demo course and/or buy the course.
    • Click on either button and take it further!
    • Make your online payment when you are ready to enroll!

    Rbi Rajbhasha Innterview Course Faculty and Course Coordinator

    Ex CGM RBI, ​​Ex Ex. Dir.NHB (on deputation from RBI), ​Ex Resident Director Kisetsu Saison. He holds a PhD in English from IIT Kanpur. He has obtained a Master’s degree in English from Hindu College, D​U, and B.A. (Hons) English from BHU.​ ​He is also a Visiting Faculty at IIM Ahmedabad. He is an expert for English writing and for interview and career guidance

    ​Ex. Manager​ ​RBI, is an Engineer​ ​-​ MBA turned Banker​ ​-​ ​​ Central Banker turned Edupreneur working in ​the ​Digital Education Domain since 2010. ​He has cleared exams like CAT, IBPS, SBI, RBI, SSC, NET-JRF. ​Is an expert in various subjects like Mathematics, Economics, Finance, Educational Psychology, EdTech, Career Counseling, etc.

    Ms.Vidihka is an Ex- Bank PO Union Bank of India. She has done B Tech from YMCA University Faridabad and LLB from Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut. She has also worked in TCS as Assistant System Engineer. She is expert faculty for Legal.

    Rbi Rajbhasha Innterview Course Study Materials Information

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    2. अनुवाद

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    Rbi Rajbhasha Innterview Course FAQs

    ixamBee stands as the premier online platform for those seeking to excel in their RBI Rajbhasha mock interview course. We provide unparalleled value through our meticulously crafted interview simulation, delivering an experience that mirrors real-life scenarios. With a team of seasoned professionals, we ensure that your preparation is both exacting and highly realistic, enhancing your confidence and readiness for the actual interview process.
    Kindly scroll over to the “Faculty” section to check the list of our esteemed faculty members who are going to join you in your RBI Rajbhasha interview preparation journey.
    Participating in the interview coaching session requires only a basic electronic device, be it a mobile phone, laptop, or computer. Alongside this, a stable and dependable internet connection is all that's needed to engage in the session effectively.
    Certainly, as part of the interview preparation package, you will be provided with 10 study PDFs covering various aspects of interview preparation. These PDFs serve as valuable resources to aid you in your preparation journey.
    Regrettably, it is not feasible to proceed with other payment methods. Only online payments are accepted for this service.
    No, do not worry about that. The RBI Rajbhasha mock interview online course serves as your comprehensive solution for effective RBI Rajbhasha interview preparation.
    No, the payment must be made in a single transaction. Partial payments or installment options are not available for our courses.