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After two months of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the UN Security Council has managed to issue a statement calling for a ‘peaceful solution’. The 15 members of the Council, including Russia have unanimously agreed to call for peace. The international opinion is heavily against the war and the UNSC will make an effort to put an end to the violence. As of now, neither side has stepped back. In fact, Russia has stepped up its attacks since the statement was issued.

However, Ukraine’s resistance denied victory to Russia, and also galvanised rational support. The U.S. seems determined to “weaken Russia”. With its back against the wall, Russia is warning of a third world war with nuclear weapons. A possibility of a direct Russia and West confrontation will be the most dangerous moment in global politics since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. Russia is already facing economic and political isolation in Europe. To stop this, Russia must immediately end the attacks and support the UN Secretary General to find a peaceful solution.


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