FCI AGM Law | Detailed Topic Wise Legal Preparation Strategy (Part IV)

01, July, 2021, 03:02: pm

This video is the fourth and final video of a four-part series in which Vidhika Mam will discuss the detailed topic-wise preparation strategy for the Legal syllabus of FCI AGM (Law) 2021 exam. In her last videos, Vidhika Mam had discussed first three parts of the Syllabus (link given below). Earlier in another video she had discussed the preparation strategy for the entire law syllabus in which she had divided the topics into 4 parts for ease of preparation; each of these 4 parts will be discussed in this series of 4 videos. Part IV consists of the Acts which require thorough reading and in-depth knowledge. These include Labour Laws and Food Laws. The important sections to be studied and focused on have been discussed in this video in detail.