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Q. Where can I find my Referral Coupon Code?

A. Your referral Coupon Code will be available on your dashboard once you login into ixamBee account.

Q. How many friends can I refer?

A. You can refer unlimited friends and your coupon can be used unlimited times.

Q.What is the benefit I get If my Coupon Code is used?

A.For every use of your Coupon, you will get 10% cash back into your account.

Q. In how many days will I get the cashback amount?

A. Cash Back amount will be processed into your account within 48hours.

Q.Whom do I contact in case of any queries?

A.Please write back to us on hello@ixambee or call at +919205524028 .

Q.How much Max cash back I can avail in each referral?

A.On successful referral of a course you may get maximum Rs.3077 and there is no cap on the number of referral. Therefore, you may earn Rs.3,07,700 if 100 of your referred users subscribe to the exclusive course.