RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B

Quadratic equations is known to be one of the scoring topics in the Quantitative Aptitude section. The reason behind this is that it is easier to solve and one can score full marks in this in a few minutes. This topic is very important from an exam point of view. Questions from this topic can be asked in Banking and SSC examinations. You can expect at least five questions from this topic in exams like IBPS PO,SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB PO and IBPS RRB Clerk etc. It is recommended to practice this topic as much as possible. Let’s understand about the Quadratic Equation in detail.

  • Question : 1

    The equation x2 – px – 60 = 0, has two roots ‘a’ and ‘b’ such that (a – b) = 17 and p > 0. If a series starts with ‘p’ such that the consecutive terms are 4 more than the preceding term is formed, then find the product of 2nd and 4th terms of such series.

    Answer: 209

  • Question : 2

    The equation q2 - 17x + C = 0, has two roots ‘x’ and ‘y’ such that (x – y) = 7. Find an equation which is equal to thrice of the given equation.

    Answer: 3q^2 + 51q + 180

  • Question : 3

    Which of the following statements is/are true?

    I. 2(p + s) = 12

    II. (q × t) = 20

    III. k = 48

    IV. (p – t) is prime number

    V. (q + s) is a prime number

    Answer: Only I

  • Question : 4

    Find the equation x2 + (m + n)x + k such that m + n = -12

    Answer: x^2 – 12x + 36 = 0

  • Question : 5

    Find the value of (p × q)/(s - t)

    Answer: 3

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