RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B

Language' is all about words, letters,sentences and their formation and expression through them, verbally or in a written form.All these things mentioned above basically form a part of 'Vocabulary'. Vocabulary forms an important basis of English Language. Vocabulary and Language are interconnected as the basis of any language are 'alphabets','letters' and 'words'. Vocabulary is all about 'words'.

  • Question : 1

    . A) Oblique   B) Abridge   C) Straight        D) Hatch

    Answer: A-C

  • Question : 2

    A) Strew    B) Beautiful   C) Stray   D) Deviate

    Answer: C-D

  • Question : 3

    A) Sanguine        B)Diligence    C)Hopeful D) Confidant

    Answer: A-C

  • Question : 4

    A) Confess  B)Conducive  C) Unfavourable D) Confidential

    Answer: B-C

  • Question : 5

    A) Dogmatic       B)Dominant   C)Repulsive             D) Authoritative

    Answer: A-D

Important Chapters In ENGLISH LANGUAGE

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