RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B

Vocabulary can be considered as the building block to form the base of a good communication skill. To be able to express yourself well, you need to learn putting your thoughts into the most appropriate words that are able to convey your thoughts clearly and completely. Your words shouldn't have any ambiguity and to avoid that you should be having a good knowldege of language and words.

  • Question : 1

    Sheep are susceptible (A) to their own brain wasting (B) disease called scrapie, but this disease has never been shown (C) to be transmisible (D) to humans.

    Answer: transmisible

  • Question : 2

    Once demand (A) for services raises (B), along with aggregate (C) income, both demand for the labour of the rich and the business income of that group will likely (D) return.

    Answer: raises

  • Question : 3

    Though daily infections had gradually dipped (A)/at the start from the year, the relief was short-lived (B)/as the Delta variant drive (C)/an exponential rise in daily cases, (D)/resulting of the second wave of COVID-19 infections (E).

    Answer: an exponential rise in daily cases

  • Question : 4

    If the Government refuses to introduce (A)/changes now, it will be (B)/demonstrating its contempt for (C)/democracy, public concern and animal welfare (D).  

    Answer: No error

  • Question : 5

    Many people assumes that (A)/having no loans or credit cards (B)/can make it easy for him(C)/to avail credit as they do not have (D)/any exist credit obligations to fulfil (E).

    Answer: to avail credit as they do not have

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