RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B

After you decide to prepare for any competitive examination, you need to first brush up your knowledge related to the paper pattern and all the subjects that you need to prepare for. Almost all the examinations these days test your 'English Language' skills, let alone the descriptive writing skills too. English Language forms a very important part of any of the examination. Therefore, you need to be well-informed of your subjects and the type of questions that have recently been added.

  • Question : 1

    1. Cognitive skills occupy a vital role in an individual’s overall development, as they include some of the brain’s core functions such as thinking, reading, learning, retaining information, and paying attention and are used to solve problems, remember tasks and make decisions. All this affects the quality of our learning and performance.

    2. ______________________________________________________________________________

    3. Memory is another cognitive skill that allows information recall — a student remembers the main points of the previous week’s Science class, assuming that he/she paid attention to the information in the first place. Thus, cognitive skills are inter-related. People’s long-term memory is only effective if they are paying attention to a subject, and store the information in their short-term memory, also known as working memory.

    Answer: B

  • Question : 2

    1. _________________________________________________________________________

    2. This has been the fourth incident of a tiger straying into the Sunderbans in the past few months. On two occasions, tigers stayed from the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve into the adjoining habitations and on the other two occasions from the South 24 Parganas forest division.

    3. The forest officials were able to trap a tiger more than five days after it had strayed into Gopalganj village in Kultali area after crossing 3.5 km stretch of the river. It took more than five days and a lot of patience on the part of the officials to tranquallise and put it in the cage.

    Answer: The residents of Mitrabari in Satjhaleia area of the Gosaba block in the Sunderbans woke up on the first day of the new year with tiger pug marks in the forest near the habitation. As guards rushed to the spot and started placing nylon nets and trap cages, the tiger attacked one of them who had to be rushed to a state-run hospital.

  • Question : 3

    1. Watching how banana chips are made is akin to watching a performance. The cook works a slicer through peeled raw bananas at top speed. Thin discs of fruit fall in rapid succession into a container below. Then, they are dropped with a flourish into a giant wok of boiling coconut oil.

    2. ___________________________________________________________________________

    3. For anyone who has grown up in Kerala, this is a familiar sight. The Malayali’s relationship with banana chips is unquestionable, not even potato in its fancy versions has been able to replace it. However, to appeal to a wider, and younger audience, the classic banana chips are now being reinterpreted.

    Answer: As the golden-yellow chips crisp up, they are scooped out with a large perforated ladle, and tossed in the air for a microsecond before being laid out on a tray. One cannot help but marvel at the chip-maker’s skill.

  • Question : 4

    After the near collapse of trade talks with China last week (A)/, Trump on Friday imposed punitive duties on USD 200 billion worth of Chinese imports (B)/, raising them to 25 per cent from 10 per cent, and asked (C)/ _________________________________(D)/ Chinese import of over USD 300 billion. (E)

    Answer: for a similar increase on tariff on the rest of the

  • Question : 5

    The MCA-21 database is used for­­­­­­­­­­­­­ (A)/______________________________ (B)/. It faced criticism ever since it was (C)/ released in 2015 because of (D)/ a wide divergence in growth from earlier estimates. (E)

    Answer: estimating the GDP in the new series with 2011-12 as base

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