RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B

If you are aware of the 'Sentence Rearrangement' pattern of questions in English Language, then you may also be aware with this similar pattern - 'Jumbled Parts of a Sentence'. If you do not find rearranging the sentences a tough task, then this pattern would be a cakewalk for you.Jumbling and unjumbling is the basic exercise we are used to doing from the start. We learn arranging the words since the start and 'rearrangement' of the sentences can be considered an extended and higher level of this jumbling & unjumbling exercise.

  • Question : 1

    A This lovable big cat is all ready to charm kids in a film version.

    B ‘The Tiger who Came to Tea’ is Judith Kerr’s bestselling book,having sold 5million copies.

    C He ends up making a delightful nuisance of himself.

    D The story is about a tiger who pops by for tea. 

    Answer: BDCA

  • Question : 2

    A Some of the Vitamin A rich sources of foods are carrots, broccoli, spinach, fish and meat.

    B An American research study has found that Vitamin A intake can lower risk of skin cancer.

    C It suggests that we should consume a diet with fruits and vegetables.

    D This study has been published in JAMA Dermatology. 

    Answer: BDCA

  • Question : 3

    A But a sprig was taken and planted in one of the hills of Sri Lanka.

    B The original tree is no longer there.

    C That sprig grew into a tree and is called Maha Bodhi tree.

    D Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment under a peepal tree in Bodhgaya in Bihar.

    Answer: DBAC

  • Question : 4

    A Therefore an advanced ambulance needs to reach the patient immediately.

    B A cardiac arrest, as is well known, needs revival within 4 minutes.

    C A question often asked by us in India is whether we will get timely health care in an emergency.

    D But even in Delhi, the capital city, a patient does not get emergency care

    Answer: CBAD

  • Question : 5

    A Therefore, I firmly believe that this curriculum be extended to all schools.

    B I believe that India as a country needs the happiness curriculum.

    C They are a dejected lot and will definitely benefit from this curriculum.

    D It is really needed for the younger generation. 

    Answer: BDCA

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