RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B

One topic in English Language that may be ignored or neglected as easy or unimportant is 'Idioms&Phrases'. The title may seem too direct or indicate towards an easy type , but it forms an important part of many government exams undoubtedly. It may be asked in various forms and that is how the difficulty level varies in various questions. 'Idioms and Phrases' form a significant part of our daily communication too, thus we cannot afford to neglect this topic altogether.

  • Question : 1

    Kith and kin

    Answer: Relatives and friends

  • Question : 2

    A red letter day

    Answer: An important day

  • Question : 3

    To turn down

    Answer: To reject

  • Question : 4

    To dispose off

    Answer: To sell something

  • Question : 5

    White elephant

    Answer: Something useless and expensive

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