RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B

One of the most common patterns asked in any kind of competitive examination is the 'Fill in the Blanks'. It may seem easy at first glance, but may pose difficulty according to various patterns and difficulty levels. 'Fill in the Blanks' is the most common type that everyone has a knowledge about. Here, you are given a statement with a blank and you are expected to fill the blank choosing from the various answer options. To be able to fill the blank correctly, you have to understand the context in which the statement talks and then only you will be able to fill it correctly.

  • Question : 1

    Find the appropriate word to fill blank 1.

    Answer: considered

  • Question : 2

    As nations across the world reconceptualise their strategic priorities to bring their ends, ways and means into greater balance, questions of resource ___________ will become even more ____________ and policymakers will need to think more creatively about the roles of various instruments of statecraft.

    Answer: allocation, contentious

  • Question : 3

    Exports have been one of the bright spots as the U.S. and other western economies have ____________ vaccinations and posted economic recoveries that have __________ demand for goods and services from India.

    Answer: ramped up, underpinned

  • Question : 4

    While it is very early to consider more ___________ action against the Taliban for violating their commitments, it is disappointing that the India-chaired resolution does not contain language that would hold the new regime more ____________.

    Answer: punitive, accountable

  • Question : 5

    The reforms were aimed at __________ the energies of the private sector to accelerate economic growth and to do so in a manner that ensured an ___________ flow of benefits to the poor.

    Answer: lashing, enough

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