RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B

Direct and Indirect Speech is an essential part of English Language and Communication. Speech is what defines the language and gives meaning to it.It is essential to understand the importance of speech when we are studying any language. Talking about English Grammar, types of speech should be the basic thing that needs to be read and understood, first and foremost. It is essential to understand its role in order to understand language well.

  • Question : 1

    He said,"Sita, when is the next train?"

    Answer: He asked Sita when the next train was.

  • Question : 2

    He glanced at his watch, "And by the way, I must be off."

    Answer: He glanced at his watch and remarked that he must leave at once.

  • Question : 3

    Ram said,"Are you really serious about becoming a pilot, son?"

    Answer: Ram asked his son if he was really serious about becoming a pilot.

  • Question : 4

    She said, " I really wish I had bought that new car."

    Answer: She told me she really wished she had bought that new car.

  • Question : 5

    He said, "Why did you give up your job?"

    Answer: He asked her why she had given up her job.

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