RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B

One of the many chapters that English Language consists of is - 'Coherent Paragraph'. 'Coherent' the word means logical & consistent. Therefore, Coherent Paragraph would mean a paragraph consisting of sentences that are consistent and well in order in coherence with the rest of the sentences. None of the sentences should be odd or diverting from the main theme of the paragraph.

  • Question : 1

    1. A study from the UK has found that a third dose of vaccine can provide up to 88 per cent protection against hospitalisation from infection by the Omicron variant.

    2. But if we wear better-quality masks and wear them correctly, we can reduce the spread of this highly contagious virus.

    3. If the infected or sick person wears a good mask, that reduces the risk to those around them, and if the uninfected person wears a mask, that reduces the total number of particles (that they inhale and therefore reduces the risk to them from the infected person.

    4. Masks should be used in indoor spaces you share with other people such as the office, hospitals or doctor’s offices, wedding halls, shops, classrooms, and places of worship.

    5. You should also wear your mask in crowded outdoor locations like the market or mall, and especially when taking the bus, taxi, airplane or train.

    Answer: 1

  • Question : 2

    1. It was a bumper year for Telangana heritage as the 800-year-old Ramappa Temple made it to the elite group of world heritage sites listed by UNESCO.

    2. There was some movement on documentation of Hyderabad’s Qutb Shahi heritage to make a case at UNESCO for the heritage city tag.

    3. But beyond these marquee developments, it’s been a year of lows for Hyderabad’s 500-year-old heritage.

    4. Many questions were raised by citizens of Hyderabad in 2021 as heritage became relegated to the margins of political thinking.

    5. The Chief Minster said that if the Living Root bridges of Meghalaya received the UNESCO World Heritage Site tag, it would be more about the larger message that they would be giving to the world.

    Answer: 5

  • Question : 3

    1. The rupee gained 12 paise to close at 74.30 against the U.S. dollar on Friday, tracking positive domestic equities.

    2. Positive moves in Indian equity indices and stronger Asian currencies aided sentiments, forex traders said, adding that Omicron worries and firm crude oil prices restricted the appreciation bias of the local unit to some extent.

    3. Asian Paints was the top gainer in the Sensex pack, rising 1.79%, followed by TCS, Nestle India, Ultratech Cement, ICICI Bank and Reliance Industries.

    4. Meanwhile, the dollar index, which measures the greenback's strength against the basket of six currencies, fell 0.21% to 96.11.

    5. The Research Analyst at HDFC Securities further said that the Indian rupee expected to outperform in the near-term following better inflows in the debt market.

    Answer: 3

  • Question : 4

    1. To protect consumers, the Centre on Tuesday banned direct selling companies like Tupperware, Amway and Oriflame from promoting pyramid or money circulation schemes, as it notified new rules for the industry to be complied with within 90 days.

    2. The government announced the Atmanirbhar Bharat scheme to stimulate domestic production, even as it offered a host of schemes aimed at exporters.

    3. Now, such companies will also be liable for the grievances arising out of the sale of goods or services by its direct sellers.

    4. The Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Rules, 2021, as notified by the nodal consumer affairs ministry are to be complied with by both direct selling entities and direct sellers using e-commerce platforms for sale.

    5. As per the new rules, state governments will have to set up a mechanism to monitor or supervise the activities of direct sellers and direct selling entities.

    Answer: 2

  • Question : 5

    1. This is the season when insurance selling reaches it higher pitches, the last quarter of the financial year.

    2. No doubt you will be flooded with pesky phone calls, SMS messages, e-mails and ads popping up on whichever social media you frequent, badgering you to buy life insurance and health insurance.

    3. Mis-selling has added to the general discontent with the concept of insurance not just in our country, but around the world and this is evidenced by regulations and laws aiming to limit it.

    4. But, individual Income Tax liabilities are to be assessed, recovered and remitted by the employers by April 4 every year.

    5. Another, equally damaging misrepresentation is not explaining that a unit-linked policy, while it may have a life cover component, is largely a market investment and the returns are dependent on the vagaries of the market.

    Answer: 4

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