RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B

English as a subject involves many topics that form an important part of it but one of the most important ones are - 'Articles & Determiners'.They help making a sentence meaningful and comprehensible. 'Determiners' are the words which being placed before a 'noun', determine the reference that the noun makes. They give more clarity to the expression and specify clearly whichever object / person is being talked about. E.g. 'THIS' book is one of my faourites. Here, 'this' determines 'which' book we are talking about. It gives more clarity in the sentence.

  • Question : 1

    ____ Attorney General of India once had a huge tiff with ____ European Ambassador.

    Answer: the / a

  • Question : 2

    ____ Executive Assistant to the CEO, Mr. Amit Sinha was recruited from ____ top notch MBA college in order to provide best human resources to the CEO.

    Answer: the / a

  • Question : 3

    I have read ____ Bhagavad Gita and found it to be much better than ____ other Hindu holy books.

    Answer: the / no article

  • Question : 4

    ____ South African captain, Faf Du Plessis admitted that playing matches in ___ Indian sub-continent is always a difficult task.

    Answer: the / the

  • Question : 5

    ____ matter of dispute between Karnataka and Tamilnadu is ____ Kaveri river.

    Answer: a / the

Important Chapters In ENGLISH LANGUAGE

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