RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B

Excelling in English Language depends a lot on your good vocabularly, which is enhanced by good and regular reading habits. Vocabulary is not only an important tool for good communication, but enhances your writing skills too which let you express your thoughts in a clear and comprehensible manner. Once you are adept at understanding words and formation of sentences , you may understand the word usage also.

  • Question : 1

    India will enjoy pre-eminent rule-setting powers, but will continually attract the ire of its smaller neighbours who feel their economic growth is being stunted by decisions in Delhi.

    i- gratify

    ii- roil

    iii- pique

    iv- affront

    Answer: Only i

  • Question : 2

    It was reported that highest efficacy was seen with a lower first dose, and scientists scrambled to try and find an explanation.

    (i) scuttered

    (ii) Scrabbled

    (iii) Jostled

    (iv) Scrimmaged

    Answer: None of these

  • Question : 3

      Beijing has spent heavily over the past two decades to build up a Chinese chip industry, but its makers of smartphones and other technology still rely on the United States, Europe and Taiwan for their most advanced components.

    (i) fall off

    (ii) minify

    (iii) snowballing

    (iv) accrue

    Answer: i and ii

  • Question : 4

    China announced tax breaks Monday to spur growth of its semiconductor industry following U.S. sanctions that alarmed the ruling Communist Party by cutting off access to American processor chips for tech giant Huawei and some other companies.

    (i) severing

    (ii) amputating

    (iii) lopping off

    (iv) separating

    Answer: All are correct.

  • Question : 5

    SAARC imposed stringent restrictions that dissuaded everyone other than Indian and government entities from participating.

    (i) warned off

    (ii) put off

    (iii) shrugged off

    (iv) scared off

    Answer: i, ii and iv

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