RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B

English Language is one of the most feared subjects/sections among all those who are appearing or wish to appear in any kind of competitive examination. Needless to mention that English is one of the 'languages' that is spoken worldwide and being a language technically, it can not be just learned overnight. It will need a regular practice through a long period of time.Once you get into practice, it won't be a hard nut to crack. Starting your preparation of the subject at any point of time first requires complete knowledge & information about it,which includes different kind of chapters that come under the subject. One of the basic and important chapters is - ACTIVE PASSIVE VOICE,which is essential at every stage of communication or while appearing for various examinations.

  • Question : 1

    Select the option that is NOT expressed in active voice.

    Answer: She was informed by the Manager that there were no rooms available for that weekend.

  • Question : 2

    The following sentences describe the process of baking a cake in a microwave. Identify the step which is NOT expressed in passive voice.

    Answer: Place the mixture in the microwave oven for a few minutes till the cake is bouncy.

  • Question : 3

    I remember them taking me to the zoo.

    Answer: I remember being taken to the zoo.

  • Question : 4

    Bravery and loyalty were rewarded by the king.

    Answer: The King rewarded bravery and loyalty.

  • Question : 5

    She had locked the door, before she left.

    Answer: The door had been locked by her, before she left.

Important Chapters In ENGLISH LANGUAGE

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