Study the following information carefully and answer the given Questions: Three teachers and five students A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H are sitting around a square table facing the centre such that four people sit at four corners and rest of them sit between them. They study / teach three subjects, i.e., Maths, Computers and Accounts. Students sit adjacent to their respective teachers. Each teacher and student studies/ teaches only one subject. (i) H, who is a student, sits at one of the corners. He does not study Computers. (ii) D, a teacher sits opposite to H and teaches Maths to students sitting adjacent to him. (iii) Only one student studies Computers, and is sitting third to the right of the person who teaches Maths. (iv) A is not a teacher and sits at one of the corners. (v) C sits to the immediate left of F. F is not a student. (vi) E sits opposite to C. B does not study Maths.

Who sits between A and D?

A G Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B F Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C C Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D B Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


From (i) and (ii), if H sits at place no. 5, then D sits at place 1. Also people sitting adjacent to him at place 2 and 8 are students and learn maths. Since H does not study computers and maths, therefore he learns accounts. From (iii), it is clear that the person sitting at place 4 is a student and studies computers. The one sitting at place 3 is a teacher who teaches computers. Also, person sitting at place 6 and 7 will be teacher and student respectively studying accounts. From (iv), A will sit at place no 7. From (v), it is clear that since F is not a student, F sits at either place 3 or 6. C sits immediate left of F, hence, F sits at place no. 3 and C sits at place no. 2. From (vi), E sits at place no. 6. Since B does not study maths, he studies computers and sits at place no. 4. G sits at place no. 8. Now we can answer all the questions with the help of the above arrangement: