Which one of the following will be the second last according to the English dictionary?

A Reconquer Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Reconnoitre Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Reconnaissance Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Reconvene Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


We can see that first five letters are same. The words Reconnoitre and Reconnaissance has sixth letters are same. So, seventh letter of Reconnoitre and Reconnaissance are O and A respectively. Reconnaissance will be the first word and Reconnoitre will be the second word. Now in Reconquer and Reconvene first five letters are same. So, sixth letter in both Reconquer and in Reconvene i.e. Q and V respectively. So, Reconquer will be the third word and Reconvene will be the fourth word. Reconnaissance → Reconnoitre → Reconquer → Reconvene

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