A police officer abetting the commission of an offence by concealing a design, if the offence is not committed is punishable with?

A not punishable. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B imprisonment for half of the longest term of imprisonment for offence Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C imprisonment for 7 years Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D imprisonment for 1/4th of the term of imprisonment Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


S. S. 119. Public servant concealing design to commit offence which it is his duty to prevent.— if offence be not committed.—or, if the offence be not committed, shall be punished with imprisonment of any description provided for the offence for a term which may extend to one-fourth part of the longest term of such imprisonment or with such fine as is provided for the offence, or with both. Illustration A, an officer of police, being legally bound to give information of all designs to commit robbery which may come to his knowledge, and knowing that B designs to commit robbery, omits to give such information, with intent to facilitate the commission of that offence. Here A has by an illegal omission concealed the existence of B's design, and is liable to punishment according to the provision of this section.

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