In which of the following cases Supreme Court held that "Test identification parade is only an aid to investigation. The practice is not born out of prudence"?

A Siddharth Vashist @ Manu Shzzrma v. State (NCT of Delhi), AIR 2010 SC 2352 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Shivaji v. Nagendra, AIR 2010 SC 2261 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C S.Jaiswal v. Alok, AIR 2010 (NOC) 805 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Sujata v. S.K. Behem, AIR 2010 (NOC) 812. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


The case of Sidhartha Vashisht vs state (NCT of Delhi) famously known as Jessica lal murder case. The whole case relied upon circumstantial evidence which was established by the facts of the case. Shivaji v. Nagendra, AIR 2010 SC 2261: Whether examination of all witnesses cited in the complaint is sine qua non for taking cognizance by a Magistrate in a case exclusively triable by the Court of Sessions

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