Section 211 to Section 221 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 deals with _______.

A Revocation and termination of agency Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Agent's duties to Principal Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Effect of agency on contract with third person Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Principal's duties to Agent Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Chapter X Agency- Section 211. Agent's duty in conducting principal's business. Section 212. Skill and diligence required from agent. Section 213. Agent's accounts. Section 214. Agent's duty to communicate with principal. Section 215. Right of principal when agent deals, on his own account, in business of agency without principals consent. Section 216. Principal's right to benefit gained by agent dealing on his own account in business of agency. Section 217. Agent's right of retainer out of sums received on principal's account. Section 218. Agent's duty to pay sums received for principal. Section 219. When agent's remuneration becomes due. Section 220. Agent not entitled to remuneration for business misconducted. Section 221. Agent's lien on principal's property.

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