The Tenth Schedule of the Constitution of India makes provision for:

A Distribution of Legislative Powers Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Oaths and Affirmations Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Anti-Defection law Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Languages Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


This Schedule of the Constitution of Indian is referred to as the ‘Anti-Defection Law’ and was inserted by the 52nd Amendment to the Constitution. Apart from the 10th Schedule Clause (2) was added in Article 102 and Article 191. Article 102 relates to grounds of disqualification of members of the Parliament while Clause (2) gave authority to the 10th Schedule as holding legitimate grounds of disqualification. Article 191 spoke about the same but for State Legislatures. It was given effect for ensuring that a party member does not violate the mandate of the party and in case he does so, he will lose his membership of the House. Thus, this law applies to both Parliament and state assemblies.

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